On the basis of an interview and the analysis of the candidate’s curriculum vitae et studiorum, in consideration of any skills acquired in the sectors indicated even outside the curricular training, it is possible for a candidate to be admitted regardless of the curricular achievement of the aforementioned minimum number of credits in the disciplinary fields indicated above, provided that the candidate holds a degree or a three-year university diploma, or another qualification obtained abroad and recognized as suitable.

Below you’ll find all information for your enrollment, whether you are a first year matriculation or a successive year student.

IMPORTANT: The application period starts on February 6th and ends on June 30th.
NOTE: In order to correctly enroll to a Master of Art Degree (“laurea magistrale”) in Italy (two-years degree course that can be followed after a three-year degree – BA) in your pre-assessment you MUST provide a true copy of final academic title accompanied by the Statement of Comparability issued by the CIMEA. Alternatively, you can upload a document certifying that you have requested at least the document by June 31st. We can’t accept your application without CIMEA certification.

Nothing has changed: the cost is still 150 euros as last year. The waiting time can vary from 15 to 20 days depending on the number of requests CIMEA receives. You MUST personally register on the portal and it is necessary to upload all the information regarding the applicant’s academic career in order to obtain the Statement of Comparability.

The last day to upload the documentation to the Universitaly portal is July 31st, so as to allow our offices to be able to proceed with the appropriate checks and authorizations. After that deadline it will not be possible to proceed.
It is important that the personal data uploaded for the Pre-Application are correct. Otherwise you will not be able to access the Scholarship procedures and risk not being able to proceed with the enrolment. Be extremely careful.

Remember that every information you need is in our Student Handbook.

In our University website you’ll find a brief referral menu to our services for our students, a Guideline step by step for your application, and a brief list of our offices planned for our International Students.

Carefully check the voices in the index and, if you do not find what you are looking for, feel free to contact our email that you find in the contacts of the site.

If you are a first year matriculation student, check this tips

If you are a student applying for successive years, check this tips

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